Sunday, 25 August 2019

[Report & Photos] | MZWA Annual Meet 2019

'MZWA Annual Meet 2019' was successfully organized by Mumbai Zomi Welfare Association (MZWA) at Asha Kiran Hall, St. Pius X College, Goregoan, on Saturday, 17 August 2019. The main aim of the occasion was to welcome the newcomers/freshers and make them feel connected and create a lifelong bond between the 'newcomers and old friends' for the years that lay ahead. 

The 'Annual Meet', arguably Mumbai Zomi's greatest social event, was attended by hundreds of Zomis from all walks of life, comprising of students, working professionals, and others. The occasion provided an ideal opportunity to showcase and preserve our proud culture and tradition in the 'financial capital' where we are all bogged down by the sheer hectic city life.

The event was marked by the introduction of freshers followed by invocation prayer for freshers performed by MZCF Chaplain Vunggoulian Khuptong. From brilliant performances by MZWA artists to cultural dances and musical band performances to speeches, the annual meet was celebrated with pomp and gaiety. This year awards for best traditional attires were presented to Samuel Shoute and Kimkim Guite in children category and to Tym Seldou and Kamsuanthang in the adult category. There’s nothing more colorful and thrilling than to see a community wearing their respective traditional costumes. A community whose long-standing cultural pride and unity have not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls.

This was also a day when achievers were felicitated for their accomplishments in the academic fields. For the first time in MZWA's history, meritorious awards known as 'MZWA Excellence Awards/Certificates' were presented to the deserving students/professionals. Mumbai EBCC local pastor M. Thangkhenmung Guite congratulated and prayed for the excellence awardees. The proficiency awards were given to the following:- 1. K. Kimboi Thomte (85% in CBSE Class X), 2. Pausangmuan Ngaihte (86% in CBSE Class X), 3. Angel Ngaithianmawi (80.6% in CBSE Class X) 4. Zamsangkim (BA in IGNOU)

The 'Annual Meet' was a treat for a rock song lovers as the 'Organizing Committee' invited the reigning Zomi rock star 'Kim Paite' to the city. The dazzling fans screamed with delight as she effortlessly performed her biggest hit 'Chalakhun 123', while the young fans cheering, and dancing exuberantly by the stage at a packed Asha Kiran Hall. Those at the venue will no doubt agree that it was one of the most memorable social events so far as 'Kim Paite' was the first guest artist who had been invited to perform in such an unforgettable large-scale occasion.

The cultural atmosphere absorbed attendees as they joined hands for the concluding circle dance known as 'Lamtual Kaih' and are surrounded by people with their gorgeous traditional costumes, and traditional music playing tunefully in the background - one could feel the vibrant rhythms and the joyous atmosphere pervading the entire auditorium.

Life in the "City of Dreams" is much more than the 'Annual Meet'. A vast, sprawling city is waiting outside to be explored too. A vibrant, fascinating city in a strategic location with a wide door of opportunity - the good and the bad. In fact, it is up to us to decide as to how we manage our time here, by striking the right balance between social, academic and spiritual life.

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