Tuesday, 19 April 2016

About Us

• website: www.phualvatimes.com

• e-mail: admin@phualvatimes.com
• Twitter : www.twitter.com/phualvanews

PhualvaTimes, the name derived from the great hornbill is a news publishing website based in Lamka, Churachandpur, Manipur with the motto -  Information for All.

The PhualvaTimes has its own style of reporting and updating current events around its area, also has it own views and trends.

Started as an SMSes Newsgroup via GupShup on 11th November 2009 by Joy Ngaihte, the group has been shifted to Facebook group by the same name.

Our Facebook group has more than 50,000 Members  and is gaining momentum day by day.

Though started as a mobile newsgroup, PhualvaTimes also began publishing on a free google blogspot. Due to its growing viewership and bigger  responsibilities, it was felt that the time has come for a dedicated webpage. With inputs and untiring contributions from dedicated friends, it was upgraded in the world wide web on 29th September, 2012.

Its main objective is to provide reliable news and current issues around  Lamka and abroad through a balanced and accurate reporting with true journalism ethics through written, pictures, audio and  visually.

We hope youl feel warm and find satisfaction here. Please do share your opinion for the improvement of the website to maintain as one of the best websites